Nov 2, 2020

IMPORTANT: VLA Lottery Information

VLA Lottery Info image

At the October 12th, 2020 PLSD Board of Education Meeting, the board determined that hybrid students (Cohorts A & B) will return to full in-person learning Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, beginning on November 16th. Wednesday will remain a virtual learning day for the remainder of the semester for these students.

The administration and the board also decided to allow full-time Virtual Learning Academy students the opportunity to apply for a return to the face-to-face model based on space and availability by grade/building. The district held a lottery for VLA students in grades K-6 and the students that will vacate VLA will now have their “seats” made available for hybrid students to transition to VLA. This will be the only opportunity for your student to apply for and remain in VLA for the remainder of the year.

In order to be fair to all parties requesting consideration to transition to the VLA, a lottery will be held for any spots available by grade/building on Monday 11/9/20. In order to be considered, you must submit an application using the survey linked below for each student you are requesting consideration for.

The survey link will be open until Wednesday 11/4 at 4PM. If you’re content with hybrid/in-person learning, there will be no action needed on your part.

If your student is a hybrid student and you would like for them to be considered for the VLA lottery, please complete the application at this link.

The application will be open from Monday, November 2nd at 8:00 AM to Wednesday, November 4th at 4:00 PM. No late application will be considered.  

If you wish for your student to remain in the hybrid/in-person program for the remainder of the school year, no additional action is needed. 

We appreciate your time and understanding as we try to be as fair and equitable to all of our PLSD families as possible. 


Available Spots by By Grade

Elementary  K 37
1 20
2 42
3 20
4 25
Middle School 5 41
6 11