Nov 30, 2020

Explaining the Unfill vs. Staff Absentee Rates on the COVID-19 Dashboards

PLSD COVID19 Dashboard NEW

We’ve had a few questions come in about the staff absentee rate as listed on the COVID-19 Dashboards. Below is a detailed explanation, using the numbers on our current Dashboards:

For Monday, November 30, 2020, we have a total of 35.5 total absences for teachers, parapros and duty aides where we do not have a sub.

We have 34.5 absences for teachers, parapros and duty aides that are filled with a sub.

We have 23.5 absences where no sub is required.

This is a total of 93.5 absences across the district for teachers, parapros and duty aides.

There are 863 total teachers, parapros and duty aides in our district. Our absentee rate is nowhere near 42% — it is only about 10.8%; this is calculated as (93.5 / 863) x 100 = 10.8%.

We are clarifying the Dashboards to show that the UNFILL RATE is not the same as the absentee rate — we believe that people are indeed misreading the unfill rate as the absence rate.

The unfill rate is a subset of the absentee rate, and is calculated as the total number of unfilled absences for the day, which is 35.5, and dividing that by the total number of absences needing a sub, which is 70 (35.5 plus 34.5). That unfill rate for today is 50%.

That does not mean that 50% of our students have no teacher, duty aide or parapro in front of them — it means that of the 10.8% of these staff that are out today, about 50% of those are unfilled (so as we’ve seen, that number is about 35.5 absences).

Put differently, that constitutes only 4.11% of our 863 staff members as being ‘uncovered’ today. 

Moreover, this rate includes duty aides and parapros, which if push came to shove, would not have to ABSOLUTELY have a sub.

We have also updated the Dashboards to show the absentee rate each week for each building — those changes are live as of last week.