Apr 30, 2018

Tussing, North Students Work To Help Homeless

Tussing students make blankets for the homeless

You don’t have to be big to make a difference in the world, which is a lesson some first graders at Tussing Elementary are learning.

The students in first-grade teacher Kaylee Jenson’s class have been working on a service learning project since January, with a goal of helping children who are in area homeless shelters.

The students — working alongside service learning students from Pickerington High School North — have been making warm and colorful fleece blankets for children who are living in area shelters.

“My students received a $250 grant from Thrivent Financial by writing persuasive letters asking for a donation,” Jensen said. “This is how we paid for the fleece material to make the blankets.”

In addition to the blankets, the first graders and high school students put together fun educational packets with activities children can do while in a shelter, along with some basic personal items like soap, tooth brushes, washcloths, and healthy snacks.

“My students have also written a letter to the child who receives the bag, and will be making a bookmark about the different ways their blanket is special to them,” Jensen said. “We are very excited for all of this to come together. So many people have been involved and we are truly thankful for everyone’s help and support!”

Not only are these students making a difference in the world, they’re also making Pickerington proud!