Feb 23, 2021

Transition to Green Status Timeline Released

Transition to Green Level image

Chief Academic Officer/Asst. Superintendent Dr. Sabrina Woodruff presented an overview of PLSD’s “Transition to Green Status Plan” to the Board of Education last night. As part of the overview, Woodruff shared a timeline of activities leading up to the return of five-day in-person instruction on April 5, after Spring Break. Some of the finer details are still in development including summer school and extended day opportunities, as well as Virtual Learning Academy options for next school year. You may watch the full presentation as part of last night’s meeting, which was live streamed on PLSD Communication’s YouTube channel.

The timeline includes general principles, the rationale for return, general health and safety measures, and more. You can download an abbreviated timeline of the slidedeck above here: Transition to Green Plan (pdf) . Transition to Green Plan (rtf), or go to our Flexible Learning 2.0 webpage for more information about all PLSD status levels.

Additionally, you can find information such as student and staff COVID impact rates on a weekly basis on our COVID-19 Dashboards webpage, or by clicking the big blue “COVID-19 Dashboards” button at the top of this webpage.