Sep 4, 2021

PLSD & OhioHealth Partner to Offer Tiger & Panther Vaccination Cards (Tiger and Panther Vax Cards) 

Tiger & Panther Vaccination Cards info image

As part of our continued efforts to promote the safety and health of our students, Pickerington Schools is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with OhioHealth to offer a mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinic for any unvaccinated students in grades 7-12. The clinic is for unvaccinated students who attend Lakeview JH, Ridgeview STEM JH, Pickerington Central HS and Pickerington North HS, and it will provide the first dose of the 2 dose vaccination cycle. The date and time for the 2nd dose will be provided at a later date.


This clinic will be in the parking lot at Lakeview JH, 12445 Ault Rd., Pickerington OH 43147, from 3pm to 7pm on Thursday, September 9, 2021 (the date and time for the 2nd dose will be provided at a later date).

To encourage vaccination for those students eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, we will also be providing each student who chooses to be vaccinated with a Tiger Vax Card (Ridgeview and Central students), or a Panther Vax Card (Lakeview and North students). A student with a Tiger or Panther Vax Card will be entitled to attend 2021-2022 school-sponsored sports events, dances, plays and other activities for free!  The details of this program are as follows:
  • The student must be at least 12 years of age and attend Lakeview, Ridgeview, North, or Central (or be a part of the Pickerington Virtual Learning Academy as a 7th thru 12th grader; Pickerington Alternative School students will be included in their home high school)
  • The student must be unvaccinated for COVID-19 — students who have already been vaccinated or who have completed any COVID-19 vaccine doses are not eligible for the incentive
  • Parents must consent to their child being vaccinated, and must be in attendance at the event on Thursday, September 9 for their child to be vaccinated; parents must also be in person for their child’s 2nd dose (date/time TBD)
  • The Tiger and Panther Vax Cards will entitle each cardholder to attend 10 events at Pickerington North HS (North/Lakeview students), or 10 events at Pickerington Central HS (Central/Ridgeview students); Lakeview JH and Ridgeview JH students only will also get 5 additional events at each respective junior high
  • The events are school-sponsored events that are offered via the District’s online ticket box offices for Pickerington Central HSRidgeview STEM JH; or Pickerington North HS and Lakeview JH. All sporting events at both high schools and both junior highs are currently offered via our online box office, as are dances (e.g., Homecoming, Prom, etc.), theater performances, and other activities
  • ADDED BONUS, FRIENDLY RIVALRY: Because the initial vaccination is taking place prior to the Tigers at Panthers football game on September 10, 2021, we will be awarding 2 additional events (total of 12) to the Vax Cards for the school (Central/Ridgeview vs. North/Lakeview) that gets the most students vaccinated! Additionally, students who get the first dose on Thursday, September 9 will be able to attend the North-Central football game with their Tiger or Panther Vax Cards on September 10! (Note: Students must complete the vaccination cycle by getting the second dose at the second District-sponsored clinic for the Tiger or Panther Vax cards to remain valid after the second clinic [date/time of 2nd clinic TBD])

Parents MUST fill out a registration form using this link or by clicking on this link.

Please submit only one registration per student — families with multiple eligible students should submit one survey per student.

Thanks in advance to the Pickerington Schools Health Services Staff Members (nurses, health care assistants) and OhioHealth for helping us to make this a successful vaccination drive!

Questions? Contact Dr. Jodi Schmelko-Schneider at, or call (614) 833-2110.