Apr 20, 2020

“TalkingPoints” Program Supports PLSD Non-English Speaking Families

Talking Points Example

Earlier in the year, the English Learner (EL) Department purchased a program called “TalkingPoints.” It allows Pickerington Schools to better communicate with non-English speaking families.

All a family needs is a cell phone number — messages are sent in English to that number, but they are received in the language the family speaks. The family can then respond in their language, and PLSD receives the message in English.

This resource has been extremely helpful to the EL Department, as they are in communication with Pickerington families on a daily basis. TalkingPoints has given access to add anyone in the district that requests the program for the rest of the school year.

If you have any EL monitored students or have any non-English speaking families, please contact Elizabeth Curtis at 740-341-3617 or elizabeth_curtis@plsd.us, so that she may add you to the program.

Fun Fact: TalkingPoints supports 100+ languages!