May 23, 2018

Students Show Business Know-How During Diley’s Market Day

Student manicures on sale at Market Day

While it might have seemed the halls and classrooms at Diley Middle School had a carnival-like chaos this morning, students were learning some serious lessons about business, marketing, and capitalism at the school’s first-ever Market Day.

From pet rocks to fingernail painting, handcrafted wooden bowls to carnival games, students did their best to put all the lessons they have learned about economics on display and into practice in a building-wide event.

“Market Day is a culminating activity for the fifth- and sixth-grade economic unit,” said social studies teacher Melisa Turner. “The kids came up with an idea for a good or service to sell. We talked about supply and demand and how to price things.”

Leading up to Market Day, students had the opportunity to earn tickets, which could be exchanged for goods and services. Those tickets were earned for exhibiting positive behaviors.

“These kids manufactured the items. They had a store front. They had marketing, a slogan, a jingle, and even commercials,” Turner said. “This is real life. They’re entrepreneurs.”

The variety of goods and services ranged from tie-dyed pillows to button bowls, dog toys and treats to bath bombs. Some students made goods, such as artwork or paper airplanes, while others provided carnival game experiences.

One group of students even set up a booth selling mini therapy sessions. The entire experience was very much like the business world, with some groups selling out and others discovering they needed to adjust prices based on demand.

“This was a way to incorporate educational goals with a fun day at the end of the year,” she said. “The goal was to keep them focused on an end result.”

Students selling bowls at Market Day