Aug 15, 2019

Staff Offered Donation Option for Community Turf Fund

Pickerington Community Turf Project image

Did you know there’s a simple way for you to support and help improve our school district even if you don’t have time to volunteer? We have exciting news to follow up on after the Pickerington Turf Fund story we shared last week. This school year, Pickerington Schools’ employees may opt to donate to the Pickerington Turf Fund a quick and easy way — through payroll deduction.

What used to be called the “3 for 3” is now “4 for 4,” with the Pickerington Turf Fund added as a 4th donation option.

Please consider taking this opportunity to support four organizations that generously support the Pickerington Local School District and the greater Pickerington community every day!

The Pickerington Turf Fund, Pickerington Food Pantry, Pickerington Education Foundation, and Vote for Pick Kids are the four support organizations in need of your help. Each is in need of additional support and funding to keep its mission alive. Making a gift through payroll deductions is an easy, simple, automated way to annually gift to these Pickerington organizations.

In the 4 for 4 Program, you may choose to give to any organization, any amount, at any time! Simply complete the form below and return to the payroll department.

4 for 4 Deduction Authorization Form (PDF)
4 for 4 Deduction Authorization Form (RTF)

The charitable contributions to the Pickerington Food Pantry, the Pickerington Turf Committee, and the Pickerington Education Foundation are tax deductible. Donations made to Vote for Pick Kids Committee are not tax deductible.

For more information about the Pickerington Turf Fund, you can view last week’s article at the link below.

PLSD Board of Education Backs Community Turf Project