Sep 12, 2018

Six Elementary Students Qualify For National Invention Convention

Cohen Beecher with his national qualifying invention the peek-a-boo snow mitten

What do a dinosaur scanner, a leaf-eating centipede, and a baby-proof mitten all have in common? They are national qualifying inventions from Sycamore Creek Elementary students.

Six students from SCE who presented a model invention in the Ohio Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Competition at the Ohio State Fair will move on to compete nationally at the 2018 National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo in Dearborn, Mich., in May.

The Ohio Invention Convention is part of the Invention League, a nonprofit program for students K-12 to inspire curiosity, confidence, creativity, and problem solving. The competition requires each participant to create a model of their invention and illustrate how the invention would work if it were operational.

The competition encourages students to invent and express their most creative ideas, and these six SCE students did just that.

Best friend duo Kassidy Malloy and Alaina Geiger teamed up to create Shoe Armor. They presented their clear cover that molds to the top of your shoe to protect from wear and tear.

The idea for Shoe Armor was born when Geiger didn’t want to get rid of her favorite shoes, despite some damage. To solve the problem, Malloy and Geiger invented the plastic cover to proactively protect all different types of shoes.

Applying the product is simple: Shoe Armor sits on the top of the shoe, and can be molded to the shape of any shoe using super glue or the heat from a hair dryer.

Even though they placed third in their category and are national qualifiers, the most memorable part for Malloy and Geiger is inventing together.

“It’s better to do it together, because Kassidy is my best friend,” Geiger said.

When most people think of a centipede they think of a small slender creature that intrudes into the home. However, third-grade student Andrew Sorge has invented a centipede that you may want to keep around.

“The Leaf-Eating Centipede is a robot that goes through your yard and sucks up leaves for you,” said Sorge. “It helps elderly people, sick people, or people who just don’t want to go outside.”

Sorge’s model illustrates a control system that guides the robot through the yard, a flashing light to indicate when the bag is full, and even a “return home” button. Sorge can’t wait to compete in Michigan and looks forward to participating again next year.

Seven-year-old Cohen Beecher presented his invention, the Peek-a-Boo Snow Mitten.

“The problem is I have to wait to go in the snow because my baby brother has a really hard time getting his thumb through the mitten thumb hole,” Beecher said.

His invention, a mitten with a removable thumb cap, was made to help parents when putting mittens on their children.

The easy-to-use thumb cap can be removed and re-attached by velcro and, most importantly, allows for more time to play in the snow. This is Beechers’ first year competing and he is already planning his next invention.

Second-grade student Abigail Keller presented her model, the DinoScan. One day while playing with a toy dinosaur, Keller realized she wanted to know everything about the dinosaurs she played with. Thus, the idea of DinoScan was born.

“You take your toy dinosaur, put it on the DinoScan, then you hit the scan button and it will tell you the type of dinosaur and all the information about it,” Keller explained.

Studying dinosaurs is exciting for Keller because she wants to become a paleontologist. She doesn’t have any ideas in mind yet, but has plans to participate in Invention League again next year.

Second-year participant and third-grade student Nolan LeMaster presented his newest invention, the Urnnel. The Urnnel is a portable urine funnel that attaches to toilets.

When asked how he came up with the idea for his invention, LeMaster simply replied, “Experience.”

His model, constructed of piping, is made to help keep toilets clean.

LeMaster enjoys this work and wants to be an inventor, programmer, and work with code when he grows up. He is looking forward to the national competition in Michigan this May.

Congratulations to all Invention League participants and good luck at the national competition in May!