Jan 28, 2017

Seymour To Receive Technology Administrator Award

Picture of Brian Seymore

Congratulations to Brian Seymour, Director of Instructional Technology, for winning the ITIP Outstanding Technology Using Administrator Award.

“This year’s awards committee had before it many qualified candidates, nominated by wonderful colleagues,” said Jeff Good, President of Instructional Technology Integration Partnership of Ohio. “This is a terrific sign of a robust educational technology community.”

The award will be presented Feb. 16 at the Ohio Educational Technology Conference in Columbus.

Criteria in judging the award included how well the administrator serves as a strong leader who promotes and seeks out new opportunities for technology integration practices in his or her school district; has worked to ensure all staff in the district are provided relevant, quality professional development; has advanced the district’s technology plan through collaborative efforts within and outside the district; has used technology to foster teacher and student success in the district; and has demonstrated effective and creative uses of technology support staff to support and enhance the district in regard to technology integration.

ITIP Ohio is a statewide organization supporting the effective uses of instructional technology and digital media content to improve the teaching and learning process while promoting 21st century skills. ITIP Ohio delivers resources and professional development in a variety of formats to fit the needs of educators and students.

Congratulations, Brian!