Nov 9, 2017

Schools Paying Tribute to Veterans

American Flag in the wind

Every year, students and staff members in Pickerington Schools create ways to honor and celebrate our nation’s military personnel and their service on Veterans Day. This year, we want to highlight how some of our schools are paying tribute to veterans in a special way.

In observance, on Friday, Nov. 10, Violet Elementary will be hosting “Breakfast with a Veteran” to thank those who have or are currently serving to protect our freedoms.

Students of Violet were encouraged to invite one special veteran to join them for breakfast, watch a video presentation, admire student’s work honoring veterans, and receive a special thank you from staff members. This special occasion allows students to serve those who have served or are currently serving our country.

On Nov. 10, Heritage Elementary will be holding a Veteran’s Day assembly led completely by the students to recognize and honor our veterans. Scheduled activities for the assembly include the singing of the national anthem, guest speakers, and student speakers.

“I think it’s important our students learn about the sacrifices made by veterans from a historical and military perspective like during Pearl Harbor, World War I, World War II, and now Iraq and Afghanistan,” said U.S. Army veteran and Business Manager for Pickerington Schools Vince Utterback.

“We want to also remember and honor those who are serving overseas, those who want to come back home, and know about everything they are doing for us.”

“It’s important we honor all who sacrifice for us,” Utterback said.

Pickerington Schools would like to recognize and thank all who have served or are currently serving our country this Veterans Day.