Feb 12, 2021

Alert: District Phone Numbers Being Spoofed

PLSD Numbers Spoofed image

Dear Pickerington family,

We want to make you aware of a small issue that has been occurring with a few of the school’s phone numbers recently. With PLSD utilizing a few high profile phone numbers for the area, scammers have begun spoofing a few of these numbers and using them to call parents.

What is spoofing? Click here to find out more. Please be aware that PLSD employees will never call and ask for any personal financial information or any other information that you may find questionable.

If you suspect you have received a call from a spoofed PLSD number, hang up immediately and call the number back to verify. If you reach a PLSD employee and they didn’t call you, you can assume you were the victim of a scam attempt. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that PLSD can do about this. Scammers usually move on from numbers fairly quickly so the calls should be short lived but always be cautious with any calls you take.

Thank you to those of you that have reported these questionable calls and we ask that you please continue to do so if you’re unsure!