Oct 1, 2021

PLSD Parents: Please Help Us Avoid Disruption Due to Viral Trend

Important Info About Viral Trend Graphic

Dear parents/guardians,

If you are not aware, the bathrooms in some of our schools were vandalized last month as part of a viral trend occurring on TikTok named the Devious Lick Challenge. The challenge, which has been impacting many schools across the nation, encourages students to perform a different destructive, harmful or illegal activity monthly, such as vandalizing school property, stealing random items from campus or committing assault on video.

In September, the challenge was to “vandalize a school bathroom.” Unfortunately, Pickerington Schools did indeed suffer various acts of vandalism in our bathrooms during the month of September, presumably in response to this challenge.

For the month of October, the challenge is called “slap a teacher on the backside.” The challenge encourages students to slap a teacher or staff member and run before being caught committing the assault. The incident must also be filmed or the challenge does not “count.”

We have talked with our students in the schools where the vandalism occurred and we are now asking for your help and partnership in explaining the seriousness of these acts, especially an act as heinous as “slap a teacher.”

Please talk to your child tonight and make sure they understand this is not acceptable behavior. Vandalism to school facilities or assault will not be tolerated and will be punishable in accordance with the student code of conduct, which is in our student handbooks (shown below) and includes suspension, expulsion, or even permanent exclusion from attending the public schools in the state of Ohio. Additionally, these acts include the possibility of punishment of up to 180 days in jail, a fine of up to $2,000 and restitution costs.

Junior High and High School Handbooks
Pickerington Alternative HS Handbook
Middle School and Elementary School Handbooks
Policy 5500, Student Conduct

Thank you for your collective efforts in speaking with your child about the importance of respecting school property and others, as well as reporting inappropriate behavior, as we work together to support each other and remain strong, safe and #PLSDProud.