Oct 16, 2020

PLSD COVID-19 Status Update

We are aware that Franklin County is back in ‘red’ status per this week’s Ohio Department of Health’s Public Health Advisory System. It is worth noting that Franklin County was in ‘red’ status when Pickerington Schools made the decision to start the hybrid model in August.

We are also aware that while Fairfield County remains in Orange Status, the New Cases Per Capita have increased over the last 2 weeks. Moreover, we know that the 7-day rolling average number of Outpatient Visits has increased for at least 5 consecutive days over the past week in Fairfield County. Additionally, the Non-Congregate Case Spread, which measures the extent to which the virus spreads in a community setting, has continued to be an area of concern. 

However, the 7-day rolling average number of Overall Cases has dropped over the last week, and Emergency Room visits and Hospital Visits (which are more of a measure of the severity of the impact on those infected) have dropped over the last week.

We continue to monitor the Advisory Dashboard carefully as we continue in our Hybrid Model.

Within the school setting itself, we have not, however, seen a dramatic shift in the numbers of students and staff being infected or quarantined over the past 2-3 weeks.

A look at our COVID-19 Dashboard shows our data as follows:



At this time, we plan to continue our Hybrid Learning plan, along with our COVID-19 safety protocols in the school setting and per our Flexible Learning Plan 2.0. Additionally, we will carefully monitor the data as we progress towards November 16, when we are scheduled to begin in-person instruction for students on a four day per week basis.

We stress to our parents and students to continue to be diligent with all COVID-19 safety protocols in all settings away from school.