Aug 31, 2017

Pickerington Students Selected to 2018 OMEA All-State Ensembles

Stock photo of sheet music used for aesthetics

Fifteen Pickerington high school students have been selected to the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) All-State Choir and All-State Band Ensembles. The OMEA works to promote music education in elementary schools up to colleges and universities statewide.

Each year, the OMEA holds a conference in Ohio that showcases several high school and university ensembles and performances and offers special focus sessions for educators. The 2018 OMEA Professional Development Conference will be held on Feb. 8-10 at the Columbus Convention Center.

Pickerington High School North student Ian Keller and Pickerington High School Central students Dylan Clark and Kearsten Miller were selected for the OMEA All-State Choir.

Pickerington High School North students Caleb Marsh, Ben Miller, Ilyssa Patton, Clay Schneider, David Wang, Adrienne Ward, and Kathy Zhong were selected for the OMEA All-State Band. Pickerington High School Central students Fiona Lin, Kristen Nestor, Robbie Hammond, and Emily Murphy were selected for the OMEA All-State Band, and Josh Harkins was selected for the OMEA All-State Orchestra.

The selection process for the All-State Ensembles includes submitting an online application and several recording requirements.

The All-State choir recording requirements include a vocalization warm up and a solo from the OMEA Class list. All-State band and orchestra requirements contain a recording of several etudes, which is a short composition intended to improve and showcase the skill of the musician, and a solo from the OMEA Class list.

This year, the choir will be conducted by Dr. Sandra Snow, conductor of the Michigan State University Women’s Chamber Ensemble. The band will be conducted by guest conductor Alfred L. Watkins, who has conducted Georgia high school bands for 37 years.

The students will be recognized for their All-State selections at the Monday, Sept. 11 school board meeting.

Congratulations to all the students selected and thank you for making Pickerington Proud!