Sep 24, 2017

Pickerington high schools invited to perform combined performance at 2019 Tournament of Roses

Pickerington's joint marching bands


While Pickerington’s two high school marching bands often have a friendly rivalry on the field, there will be no War of the Roses when they join forces to perform at the 2019 Tournament of Roses Parade and Bandfest.

The bands have been invited to give a joint performance at Bandfest and to march and perform together during the parade. The surprise announcement will be made on Saturday night, Sept. 23, at the conclusion of the Pickerington Band Festival at Pickerington High School North.

The Jan. 1, 2019, Tournament of Roses parade will be the 130th for the prestigious event, which is held annually in Pasadena, Calif.

“This will be the second time the Central and North bands will participate together at the Tournament of Roses,” said Marc Parulekar, PHSN band director. “The first time we went to Pasadena together was in 2006.”

Pickerington bands also have been in the parade in 1993, 1997, and 2010.

Parulekar said a lot of work must happen between now and January 2019.

“The bands will perform a combined field show together at Bandfest, which is part of the Tournament of Roses activities,” he said. “They also will march together in the five-and-a-half mile Tournament of Roses parade.”

Then, of course, there is a question of the performance. Details on that will come later, he said, as current students still have to focus on this year’s competitions and concert bands.

“We really won’t start getting students involved with the performance aspects of the event until the summer of 2018,” Parulekar said. “We’ll be focused 100 percent on 2017 marching bands and 100 percent on 2018 concert bands. When we flip over in the summer, the students who will comprise the 2018 marching bands will start to make the Tournament of Roses performance a reality.”

The bands and their boosters also will be doing some fundraising to help fund the trip.

“The awesome thing is we have a really supportive community that always rises to the occasion,” he said. “We’ve got two great sets of parents that I know are going to work well together. We already work together on combined projects like the Pickerington Band Festival, Tag Day, and other joint projects. We’re scaling it up, obviously, but we already have a great working relationship.”