Mar 4, 2019

Parent/Teacher Conferences Approaching

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Do you love to talk about your kid? So do we!

A parent/teacher conference is one of the best ways for parents to gain a better insight into what their student is learning in school.

Conferences will be held on two days in March:

Thursday, March 7 – Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences
Thursday, March 14 – Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences

Teachers and administrators urge parents to schedule a conference. It’s good for teachers to meet with parents and to establish a bond. The meeting also gives teachers the opportunity to say, “Here’s what I’m doing at school and this what you can do at home.”

When it comes to preparing for the conference, don’t be afraid to ask questions. With a lot of terminology in education, many people aren’t always familiar with it.

Be prepared to ask questions about data and terms you may not know. When a teacher gives test scores, don’t be afraid to ask what the score means, what a typical score is, where your student should be score-wise, and what is the goal for the end of the year.

Teachers want to provide parents with as much information about what students are learning in the classroom. The goal of the conference is to give parents a good perspective on what their student is doing every day.

A conference is also a great time to discuss the tools and technology being used in the classroom. With technology changing the way our children learn, a conference allows time for teachers to offer parents ideas to align the learning environment at home with what their child is doing in school.

For more information about scheduling a parent/teacher conference please contact your child’s school.

Additional question suggestions from the National Education Association:
What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses?
How does my child get along with classmates?
Is my child working up to his/her ability? Where could he/she improve?
What can we do at home to support what you are doing in the classroom?