Apr 26, 2019

First PLSD Open House Packed with Food, Info and Generosity

Food Services TeamRidgeview Interact Club Students

Thanks to everyone who attended the PLSD Open House Wednesday night. It was an evening packed with information, food and generosity! Click here to view the full Flickr album from the event.

Transportation Supervisor Greg Kelley and Petermann Bus General Manager Rob Weinheimer kicked off the event with a talk about new school bus technologies, then everyone jumped on a brand new school bus for a ride to Toll Gate Elementary School. On the way, Bus Driver Betty Jarrell made a scheduled stop to show attendees, including School Board Members Michelle Waterhouse and Vanessa Niekamp, the McGill property. PLSD is currently prepping this land as a possible future build site.

At Toll Gate ES, Maintenance Supervisor Anna Ziebel shared information about the money and energy-saving LED lights that have been installed in several district buildings. Then, Food Services Supervisor Judy Riley talked about many tasty yet healthy school menu items including smoothies, antibiotic-free chicken, salads, and Asian stir fry. Attendees were later invited to sample lunch items, including pizza with crusts made from cauliflower instead of bread. The delicious cauliflower crust pizza is an item that the district hopes to offer for purchase next school year.

Riley also told attendees about the district’s partnership with the Pickerington Food Pantry on a unique pilot program. As kids leave the lunchroom at Ridgeview STEM Junior High, they place their unused, packaged food items in a bin. Two times a week, Ridgeview’s Interact Club delivers the food to the pantry. The district has delivered more than 1,300 pounds of food to the pantry since the project began in October! Several students in Ridgeview’s Interact Club, as well as their teacher, Erika Lomonico, explained the program to attendees and Weinheimer later donated $200 from Petermann Bus employees to the food pantry in honor of the work of the Interact Club.

With smiles, heads full of information and tummies full of food, attendees boarded the bus to return to the Transportation Bus Garage to complete the Open House tour. A big thank you to everyone involved in putting on the Open House and for making Pickerington Proud!