Jul 29, 2019

New Student-Athlete Drug Testing Policy Takes Effect August 1

Drug Testing image

Dear PLSD Parents,

Please note that a brand new drug testing policy is being implemented as we begin the 2019-20 school year. To better serve our students, there will now be year-round drug testing for high school athletes from Aug. 1 to May 31. The cost of the high school pre-season test is $20. There will also be a pre-season test, at a cost of $10, for junior high athletes. Student-athletes are required to have a drug test prior to participating in a sport. If a student-athlete plays multiple sports, the student will only need one pre-season drug test before their sports season.

American Court Services is new drug testing company for pre-season and random drug testing throughout the year. A fall athlete will remain in the drug testing pool for the year and winter athletes will be in the pool from the start of their season until the start of season the following year. The pool for spring athletes will begin at the start of their season until the following March in 2020. There will not be testing in June and July.

To expedite your student’s drug testing and physical evaluation process, you can download and print the following:

Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form (pdf)

Contact your school’s athletic administrator(s) if you have additional questions.