May 9, 2022

Welcome to Our New High School Principals!

New High School Principals

Pickerington Schools is pleased to announce that Jim Campbell and Tom Lanier are the new principals at Pickerington High School North and Pickerington High School Central, respectively. Jim and Tom are Pickerington residents with extensive experience in school administration.

Jim currently serves as the lead assistant principal at PHSN and also previously served as the principal of Pickerington Alternative School.

Tom has spent the last five years as the principal of Westerville Central High School. Prior to his position with Westerville, Tom was the lead assistant principal at Pickerington High School North.

Roshawn Parker will also be joining the leadership team at Pickerington High School Central as lead assistant principal. Roshawn is a Pickerington resident and is currently an assistant principal at Westerville Central High School. He previously served in a high school assistant and lead assistant principal position in PLSD before going to Westerville.

Please join us in welcoming Jim, Tom, and Roshawn to their new roles!