May 22, 2017

McGarvey, Dellinger Receive District ‘POPs’ Awards

Image of POPs award presentation at BOE

Two district staff members were honored by the Board of Education Monday night as the 2017 Pride of Pickerington Award district-wide winners.

The awards were presented to Kitty Dellinger, custodian at Heritage Elementary and District Office, and Eileen McGarvey, school counselor at Ridgeview STEM Junior High School.

Each year the district presents the Pride of Pickerington Awards to staff members who are selected after a submission process that includes nominations by colleagues, voting within each building, and a review of the nominations by building principals.

“These awards are a high honor,” said Director of Human Resources Debra Porter-Sawyer. “They represent recognition of these employees’ efforts to go above and beyond the call of duty. The individuals who have received these awards are outstanding representatives of the district. They epitomize excellence in criteria such as reflecting the district’s core values, work performance, dedication, collaboration, and reflection of the Pickerington Schools mission.”

Classified staff

Dellinger was recognized not only for the dedication and effort she brings to her work, but for the time she volunteers to help children in Heritage with their studies.

“Kitty has found a place in a lot of our hearts and can turn our days around whenever we run into her,” Porter-Sawyer said. “She is being recognized for the endless amount of love and care poured into her job, making sure offices and hallways are spic-and-span for the next morning. She makes everyone within her building feel special while being recognized as a leader among her peers. Nominators said she is a wonderful ambassador for our district to everyone she comes in contact with.”

Porter-Sawyer said Dellinger is also dedicated to working with Pickerington’s children.

“She unselfishly devotes many hours to supporting the education of the children in our schools by volunteering to assist with reading and spelling practice twice a week to the students at Heritage Elementary,” Porter-Sawyer said. “Her nominator said, ‘She goes above and beyond what is expected with a smile on her face daily. She is a reader, a cheerleader, a motivator, a hug, a smiling face, a positive role model and a hero. We are thankful for her and every way that she makes our lives better.’”

Certificated Staff

A list of McGarvey’s accomplishments and efforts would be extensive. She was honored for putting her students before herself, no matter the situation. She has also dedicated her work to the achievements and success of the students she works with.

“Eileen is being recognized for the time and effort she puts forth to watch so many others succeed,” Porter-Sawyer said. “She goes above and beyond her job responsibilities. This includes late nights, early mornings, weekends spent in the school with students, working in numerous committees dedicated to collaboration, and putting together programs for student success. Her passion is to give students as much support and opportunity as they can. She helps provide sessions and organizations to students to gain exposure to critical skills, positive behavior, and mental health issues.”

McGarvey’s nominators said, “She puts her whole heart into this, helping to run groups for students who need emotional support, training peer mediators to teach conflict resolution, training WEB leaders to serve as positive role models, and instituting the WISE program to help students meet their potential academically as well as socially.”

She played a large role in developing the district’s College Career Night, which gave parents and students a roadmap to think about decisions to make in order to put them on the right path to their success. She brought the Hour of Code event to Ridgeview, and organized events focused on the critical issues of cyber safety, drug safety, and personal safety.

McGarvey’s nominators said: “She works hard every day to help students become the best versions of themselves they can be. She cares for their educational future, well being, and about them gaining the confidence in themselves they need to lead them successfully into their careers. She does all of this extra work without being asked or expecting recognition.”

Building-level POPs recipients

Building-level recipients of the classified staff POPs awards were:

  • Sue Shields, Pickerington High School Central
  • Debbie Murray, Pickerington High School North
  • Lu Bell, Lakeview Junior High School
  • Pat Petrini, Ridgeview Junior High School
  • Colleen Cepanec, Toll Gate Middle School
  • Gail Gerhard, Harmon Middle School
  • Lori Starkey, Fairfield Elementary School
  • Mary Grumman, Heritage Elementary School
  • Linda Andrews, Pickerington Elementary School
  • Janet Cundiff, Sycamore Creek Elementary School
  • Deanna Gray, Toll Gate Elementary School
  • Tammy Barletta, Tussing Elementary School
  • Donna Treneff, Violet Elementary School


Building-level nominees from certificated staff were:

  • Melissa Balko, Pickerington High School Central
  • Sarah Whitcraft, Pickerington High School North
  • MaryAnn Wharton, Lakeview Junior High School
  • Janet Jones, Toll Gate Middle School
  • Meghan McCurdy, Harmon Middle School
  • Greg VanKannel, Diley Middle School
  • David Zwiebel, Fairfield Elementary School
  • Sue Stack, Heritage Elementary School
  • Kerri Schill, Pickerington Elementary School
  • Regina Mastrangelo, Sycamore Creek Elementary School
  • Leanne Ross, Toll Gate Elementary School
  • Sarah Jones, Tussing Elementary School
  • Linda Podgurski, Violet Elementary School


The board also recognized this year’s district retirees:



  • Suzanne Abram, Health Care Assistant, Pickerington and Violet Elementaries
  • Nancy Augsburger, Integrated Mathematics, PHSC
  • Charles (Ace) Bailey, Custodian, Lakeview Junior High School
  • Lucrecia Bell, Paraprofessional, Lakeview Junior High School
  • Richard Blauser, Custodian, Tussing Elementary
  • Eileen Boisseau, Secretary, Sycamore Creek Elementary
  • Valerie Browning-Thompson, Superintendent
  • Deborah Clinger, School Counselor, PHSN
  • Richard Covington, Custodian, PHSC
  • Edward Delp, Technology Instructional Coach
  • Cheryl Dickson, Custodian, PHSN
  • David Duemmel, Duty Aide, Ridgeview STEM Junior High
  • Judith Entinger, Classified Payroll Specialist, Treasurer’s Department
  • Karen Faulds, Secretary, PHSC
  • Becky Flaherty, Response to Intervention Teacher, Toll Gate Middle School
  • Roberta (Bobbie) Giles, Kindergarten Teacher, Toll Gate Elementary
  • Dianne Goodwin, Paraprofessional, PHSN
  • Marsha Grey, Duty Aide, Sycamore Creek Elementary
  • Sandra Ingram, Paraprofessional, Toll Gate Elementary
  • Shirley Kotchou, English/Language Arts, Lakeview Junior High School
  • Melissa May, Second Grade Teacher, Toll Gate Elementary
  • Susan Meadows, Duty Aide, PHSN
  • Ronald McClelland, Instrumental Music, Ridgeview STEM Junior High and PHSC
  • Paula Mock, Secretary, PHSN
  • Judy Nye, Food Services Cook/Cashier, Fairfield Elementary
  • Cindy Ozamiz, Duty Aide, PHSN
  • Cynthia Painter, Food Services Cook/Cashier, PHSN
  • Denise Poling, Office Assistant, Sycamore Creek Elementary
  • Susan Potter, Office Assistant, Toll Gate Middle School
  • Melinda Rausch, Office Assistant, Harmon Middle School
  • Deborah Reisiger, Administrative Secretary, Food Services Department
  • Laura Tall, Library/Media Aide, Fairfield Elementary
  • Cynthia Tolford, Kindergarten KLIP Aide, Sycamore Creek Elementary
  • Ellen Weibel, English/Language Arts Instructional Coach, Lakeview and Ridgeview STEM Junior High School
  • Carolyn Wieczorek, Library/Media Aide, Toll Gate Middle School