Aug 10, 2020

2020-21 School Lunch Prices & Other Food Service Info

Food Service Info image
It’s time to start thinking about school lunches!! All meals for the 2020-21 school year will be under the National School Lunch and Breakfast program. Here are the prices for the 2020-21 school year:
  • High School — $3.00 (tiered pricing meals are also available)
  • Junior High — $3.00 (tiered pricing meals are also available)
  • Middle School — $2.75
  • Elementary School — $2.75
  • All breakfast prices — $1.50
  • Reduced Lunches — $.40
  • Reduced Breakfasts — .$30
  • Adult lunches — $4.00
  • Adult breakfasts — $2.25
To maintain safety standards, we are encouraging parents to use the mypaymentsplus. By using the online payment system, it protects the students and staff from handling day-to-day cash. Mypaymentsplus charges a $2.00 flat fee. If parents have multiple children, there is only a one-time charge per transaction.
The cafeterias have purchased scan card systems for all cashier stations. K through 6th grade will come down by homeroom, and cashiers will sell the student their meal by homeroom. For grades 7-12, each student will be given a card with their name and PIN on the back. They will scan their card as they go through the register. For all grade levels, the students will no longer be putting in their six-digit pin; everything will be touchless.
Food Safety — we will maintain and uphold high standards of food safety regularly as this has always been a common food safety practice. All food items will be either wrapped or protected in some coverage before served to the student. No self-service utensils will be put out on the line.
Online applications will be available this year in 30 languages. They will be available early to mid-August on our website. We are encouraging the use of online applications versus paper ones due to COVID-19. They can be completed on cell phones or computers.
Pre-bagged meals will be available for those students who would like to purchase them. For example, on Tuesday, bagged meals will be sent home for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Fridays, bagged meals will be sent home with the students for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. These meals will be accounted for through our computerized system and will be either paid, free, or reduced, depending on the child’s eligibility status. Further information will be forthcoming on how to order the pre-bagged meals for students. Stay tuned!