May 2, 2017

Last Day to Charge Meals is May 10

North kitchen with students getting lunch

As a reminder, the last day students will be able to charge a meal will be Wednesday, May 10. After that date, students MUST have money in their My Payments Plus account to purchase lunch. This ensures the district can clear up end-of-year negative balances.

Please check your student’s My Payments Plus account at regularly to ensure there is sufficient money to receive a meal, as well as to clear up any possible negative balance.

Any money left over in the account will transfer over to next school year.

If a parent has a student who is graduating and has a positive balance of more than $5 left in the lunch account, there are two options.

The first option is to request a transfer of that money to any other student they may have at Pickerington Schools.

If a refund is requested the parent calls the Food Service Office at 614-833-3645. Refunds are done through the Treasurer’s Office. They are done once a month at the end of the month. Upon request we fill out a refund slip with the student information, refund amount, and the name/address of the parent so a check can be mailed out.

Refunds of less that $5 will not be processed.