Sep 12, 2017

Junior High Schools Compete to Help Hurricane Relief

Photo showing the donated items, toilet paper, water, soap

The race is on. Lakeview and Ridgeview STEM junior high schools are competing against each other to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The two schools are partnering with AmerisourceBergen, a pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution company in Lockbourne, Ohio, to collect and send supplies to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

In order to challenge the students and teachers to get involved to help the victims, the two schools created a competition that awards a certain point value for each donated item. At the end of the donation competition, the points will be tallied and a winner will be selected.

When the junior high with the most points is crowned the winner, the principal of the school with the least donation points must accept the repercussions.

If Lakeview wins the donation competition, Ridgeview Principal Eric Koch, must wear a Panther jersey to the Oct. 13, Pickerington North High School vs. Pickerington Central High School football game.

If Ridgeview wins the donation competition, Lakeview Principal Pamela Bertke must wear a Tiger jersey to the football game.

“We are glad to be participating with Lakeview in this great cause. I know both of our schools will do a great job in helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey,” said Ridgeview Principal Eric Koch. “Plus, it will be fun to watch Mrs. Bertke wear a Tiger jersey! Go Tigers and Panthers!”

The junior high schools are collecting the following items for hurricane victims

15 points

  • Pack of diapers
  • Baby formula

10 points

  • Package of toilet paper
  • Case of water
  • Container of bleach wipes

5 points

  • Stick of deodorant
  • Package of granola bars/breakfast bars
  • Can of soup with pull-off lid

The donation competition continues until Sept. 15. Afterward, AmerisourceBergen will transport the donated items and supplies to the victims. The entire district is encouraged to take part in the competition and bring donation items to the junior high schools to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Several other schools in the district are doing their part to help those impacted by the hurricane.

Pickerington Central High School is carrying out a “change for change” drive and Diley Middle School is having a book drive to benefit schools affected by the hurricane. Diley’s student council is creating signs and bins for the collection that begins Monday, Sept. 11.