May 16, 2022

2022-23 Junior High Learning Plan Update

Junior High 2.0 Plan

Dear PLSD families and community,

After reviewing and reflecting on your feedback about the Junior High Learning Plan 1.0 presented at the May 9th Board of Education meeting, the district’s administrative team is moving forward with an alternate plan where all junior high students will learn in-person five days a week. Please know that this alternate plan is the result of extensive brainstorming and planning by staff, and includes some of the suggestions pulled from emails sent to our email inbox by the community. The Junior High Learning Plan 2.0 includes the following steps:

  • Junior high students will be assigned to cohort groups. Students in different cohorts will be placed on different bell schedules throughout the day.
  • Each junior high will add additional staff.
  • Some locker bays will be removed at Ridgeview over the summer to allow additional room in the halls during transitions.
  • The Parents on Positivity Patrol (PoPP) program will expand to the junior highs. PoPP volunteers work to keep students transitioning through the crowded hallways. The district is seeking PoPP volunteers at both junior highs and high schools. More information can be found on the PoPP webpage.

Thank you for your feedback and involvement as we continue to work together to address the unique challenges that our growing community is facing! 

PLSD District Leadership Team

Please note: While live streaming tonight’s special board meeting on the PLSD Communications YouTube channel, unfortunately the Wi-Fi signal dropped two times. To view all of the parts of the meeting that were recorded, you will need to watch the three most recent videos on the channel.