Aug 10, 2018

How Are Technology Protection Fees Used by District?

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When Pickerington Schools began providing either a Chromebook or iPad to every student in the district through its one-to-one technology program, we also made a technology protection plan available to act as insurance to cover the cost of possible repairs and replacement of damaged devices.

Because fees for repairs to uninsured devices can cost parents up to $400, the district highly recommends that families buy this optional insurance, which costs just $40 this year. Parents can get the coverage simply by making a payment in the fees section of Infinite Campus. (Get specifics on the Technology Protection Plan.)

This summer, the district has received some questions about how the fees collected for this insurance are being used. The simple answer is that every dollar collected for device protection has been spent to repair, replace, or cover the devices via warranty. The district has not used any of the money for salaries or other operating expenses.

Between July 2016 until the beginning of summer 2018, Pickerington Schools collected $212,091 in premiums. In that same time period, we have spent $214,863 on device repairs and additional warranties. That figure does not yet include what the district paid this summer.

“We carefully calculated this premium to do exactly what it has done: Cover the cost of repairs,” explained Ryan Jenkins, district treasurer. “The mark of an effective and efficient program like this is that the premiums you collect cover the losses you incur without excess funds building up. Over a two-year period, the district has spent only $2,772 more than it collected.”

To minimize the costs for families, the device protection program is managed by the district.

“This avoids the additional costs that would be associated with have the insurance offered by an outside vendor,” Jenkins said. “At $40 for 2018-19, the coverage is $10 to $20 cheaper than what parents would be asked to pay to an outside insurance company.”