Oct 9, 2018

Heritage Elementary Creates Multi-Sensory Hallway

Heritage Elementary students using the sensory hall

Heritage Elementary has turned one of its hallways into an interactive, multi-sensory space for students to walk, hop, jump, and learn while on the way to class.

The idea for the sensory hallway began when staff saw a video on social media that sparked interest in creating a fun and interactive space for multi-sensory needs, said Heritage Paraprofessional Lori Starkey.

“Our sensory hallway space provides additional stimulation for those students who need a kinesthetic approach to learning,” Starkey said. “Students can walk, hop, and jump their way through the numerical path. They touch and recite the upper and lowercase letters as well as trace and build basic sight words.”

On the floor of the hallway, students can follow the path of numbers while counting forward or backward. On the walls, they can trace words through a textured frame, point out the letters of their name, practice the alphabet, and sound out digraphs such as “ch,” “sh,” and “th.”

In addition, the hallway includes key elements used within Orton-Gillingham and Fundations both of which are multi-sensory approaches to reading and language instruction.

“Before, this hallway used to be bland,” said Heritage Principal Chad Rice. “Now, it is another colorful and interactive learning space for students.”

“We brainstormed, sketched out a plan, ordered the supplies, and within a few week weeks we created our space,” Starkey said. “We believe that the sensory hallway is a work in progress. As the needs of our students change, so will the hallway.”

Even though the sensory hallway has only been up for a few days, students already enjoy practicing counting and spelling while moving around the mini playground for the brain.


Heritage students using sensory hall wayStudents using walkway of sensory hall