Sep 6, 2019

Harmon Class Gains Scholastic Sponsors Via Facebook

Miss Weisman’s ELA Class image

Miss Weisman, 5th grade English and Language Arts teacher at Harmon Middle School, was inspired this past summer to find a sponsor for each of her students to obtain a new book from Scholastic Book Orders during every school month. In late July, she reached out to those on her personal Facebook page to share how some of her students are never able to place a Scholastic Book Order or even have enough books to read at home. She then challenged her family and friends to donate $10 for a child to receive a new book each month of the school year through Scholastic. Miss Weisman promised that she would purchase and deliver the books to each student on their behalf.

A little nervous that she may not be able to get enough sponsors at first, she was ecstatic to see that by August 1 all of her students would have a sponsor for the school year! Some of her friends and family decided to sponsor 2, 4, or 10 children!

On August 21, Miss Weisman happily handed her 82 students a brand new book and explained what people had done for them in order for them to receive this book. Some asked if they could read their book as a class, and to fulfill this request Miss Weisman offered to start a book club during lunch time in her classroom. That same day, 42 children sat in her room to eagerly read as they ate their lunch.

Each student was matched with a sponsor, and Miss Weisman was amazed to see what some of the children had wrote in their letters to them! One note said, “now you are my hero, I am so grateful for what you have done.” Another read, “thank you for the book because I never had a book to keep… I’m going to read it every day.”

To get these letters to the sponsors, Weisman created a private Facebook group to share what the students had wrote. She also let the sponsors know that the students were hoping to hear back from them. They could reply via comment, and she would relay the message to her students. To her surprise, many asked for an address to mail letters to her to be given to the children!

Miss Weisman says, “as the letters and replies from sponsors have poured in, I am torn which I love more, the excitement of my students or the excitement of the adults wanting to share a love for reading, learning, and building relationships with the young minds I am helping to mold each day…. the way that all of my students and all of these sponsors are inspiring me holds a very special place in my heart, I can’t wait to see how the rest of the school year goes.

Thank you Miss Weisman and all of the sponsors for giving our students this wonderful experience!