Jan 6, 2022

New Family Bilingual Liaisons Help Address Language Barriers

Family Liaisons Image

PLSD is excited about a new program that helps address language barriers for our New American and immigrant families. With this program, PLSD has contracted with Ethiopian Tewahedo Social Services (ETSS) to hire our own parents as Family Bilingual Liaisons who speak the following languages: Akan, Arabic, French, Ga, Nepali, Tigrinya, and Wolof. PLSD now has over 71 countries represented and we are committed to ensuring all families have a voice.

Family Bilingual Liaisons can help build the home/school relationship, and liaisons can also be used without the family to assist staff with items related to a specific language or culture. Some of the other ways they help include: enrollment assistance, advocacy, helping foster good study skills, home visits, encouraging parental involvement in school events and academics, clarifying misunderstandings between cultures and more. Right now, PLSD has six Family Bilingual Liaisons who stand ready to assist, with plans to add more in the future.

The Family Bilingual Liaisons in the picture are: Awa Mbaye, Katie Warren,  Francisca Opuky-Agyemang, Wafa Hinnawi and Deepak Dhakal.