Aug 12, 2022

Clarification Regarding the Student Enrollment and Residency Verification Backlog

Enrollment backlog update

The announcement made earlier today regarding a backlog of new student enrollment requests and residency verifications was meant as a “heads-up” to families, but please know that our Welcome Center team is working hard and may be able to complete all of the requests before your student’s first day of school. Remember, Pickerington Schools is on a staggered start schedule for the beginning of classes this school year, which will help our hard-working team by providing extra processing time since not all students are scheduled to begin classes on Aug. 15. Also, our team is working overtime, around the clock, in an effort to get all of the requests processed as soon as possible.

The backlog arose not only because of the large number of new students who are requesting enrollment every day due to the explosive growth in Pickerington, but also because a large number of returning families submitted paperwork within the past week, after the July 25 deadline (which was widely publicized to PLSD families as the deadline for the submission of enrollment materials for returning students). Please note that our Welcome Center is open during the summer to process residency verifications for new students, which is legally required by Ohio school districts. It is a process that can be delayed if the required paperwork is not submitted. That’s why Pickerington Schools strongly encourages any family that moves into the district to begin the enrollment and residency verification process as soon as possible.

During a time when space is at a premium and overcrowding in our buildings is a big concern across the district, we have had to not only close intradistrict open enrollment, but we must also be extra diligent in verifying residency. Information about shared residency requirements can be found on the “Enroll” page on our website under the “List of Required Enrollment Documents” dropdown.  

Again, we greatly apologize for any stress and inconvenience this may cause our students and families but we wanted to be proactive and transparent in letting you know about this issue.

To stay updated on your student’s enrollment or residency verification progress, please continue to monitor your email for communication from the Welcome Center confirming your enrollment or change of information.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through the sometimes unpredictable issues caused by growth — which reinforces what we already know — Pickerington is a great place to live and work, with highly desirable schools.