Aug 28, 2020

Important Message About District PPE

Important Message from PLSD

Dear Pickerington community,

Pickerington Local Schools wants to provide you with accurate information regarding the erroneous and misleading information that has been presented by several news feeds regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) that has been provided to the staff in our buildings. 

The district has exhausted nearly all of its initial share of CARES Act funding provided by the Elementary and Secondary Schools Relief Fund (ESSERF) to purchase massive quantities of COVID-19 mitigation supplies and materials, including masks/face coverings, hand sanitizer, disinfecting sprays, signage to communicate safe practices, and many other items. These are being used to provide teaching and learning environments that meet the guidance provided by the Ohio K-12 Schools Guidance document. This initial round of federal funding provided about $705,000 for the district to use to address its many needs in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

It should also be noted that our district intentionally delayed starting school until August 31 so that we had additional time to prepare for the challenges of the upcoming school year. These challenges have included supply-chain issues and interruptions, and the time it takes to receive, properly account for, and then deliver these items to our buildings. 

At this point in time, we have delivered much of the supplies and materials to buildings, but many more items are still arriving at the District Office and are being delivered to buildings as fast as possible. To date, we have done the following:

  1. Installed 650 hand sanitizing dispensers in classrooms and other building areas like playground doors, common areas, etc.
  2. Each building received 500 KN90 masks, 500 disposable masks, 10 disposable gowns, 10 shields. 
  3. Installed 75 hand sanitizer dispensers on our buses
  4. Every clinic/nurse was provided 35 N-95 masks to our nurses/nursing clinics
  5. Every clinic also received 20 KN95 masks, 100 disposable masks, 2 touchless thermometers, 1 container of cleaning wipes (500), 10 disposable shields, 10 gowns, and two air purifiers. 
  6. Every staff member in the district will be provided with at least 2 reusable face shields; these are currently being delivered to the buildings
  7. The district has ordered a supply of 56,000 disposable medical masks (will be shipped in increments of 8,000 masks/month from September through March)
  8. Dolfin cleaning pods are being distributed this week to each clinic for cleaning
  9. High school science rooms received alcohol wipes to wipe off equipment and sanitizing cabinets to sanitize goggles
  10. High school athletics and activities have received air purifiers, as well as multiple sprayers and other cleaning agent dispensers provided to sanitize large areas. Additional outdoor port o’ john’s were also installed in outdoor areas, including increased cleaning and sanitizing of these items. The district has ordered and received 3,500 pair of medium nitrile gloves, and 1,500 pair of large nitrile gloves; these are currently being provided to our special education departments
  11. Multiple plexiglass barriers have been installed or are being installed  throughout various areas of the district, including the clinics and office areas; additional plexi-glass barriers are being dispensed to areas of the district where close contact between individuals is difficult to maintain (e.g., special education therapy delivery rooms, etc.)
  12. Additional supplies will be delivered to the building this week.

Finally, the district also recently was provided $546,000 in Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) that will be used throughout the 2020-2021 school year to address ongoing COVID-19 issues. CRF funds are to be used for the same purposes as the ESSERF funds, and must be exhausted by December of 2020. The district will use these funds to continue to provide school environments that meet the guidance provided by the Ohio K-12 Schools Guidance document provided by Governor DeWine and the state of Ohio.

The district will continue putting the safety of staff and students as a top priority as we begin this new school year in an unprecedented time in our history.