Mar 25, 2021

Citizens’ Advisory Committee Plans Released

CAC Plans Released image

Pickerington Schools’ Board of Education and Administration are pleased to announce that the first phase of its work with the Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) concluded on March 8.

During this first phase, the members of the CAC were engaged to help frame issues of Diversity & Equity in the district. Additionally, the members of these groups provided excellent feedback and insight into how the district can continue the transformation of our schools into nurturing learning environments for all students.

The work culminated with each group creating an action plan that defines beliefs, goals, objectives and possible solutions to the challenges facing our district. These plans were written across 5 focus areas:

  • Faculty and Staff Engagement in Diversity/Equity and Inclusion Issues
  • Student Engagement in Diversity/Equity and Inclusion Issues
  • Recruitment/Retention of Minority Staff
  • Curricular Issues as Related to Diversity/Equity and Inclusion Issues
  • Equitable Discipline for All Students

Copies of the groups’ plans can be found at this link. You many also read more about the district’s diversity and inclusion efforts on our Diversity and Equity Initiatives webpage.

The district leadership team will now take these action plans and begin to prioritize how to address them in a manner that produces the outcomes that the district and its CAC members seek. This process will involve prioritization of goals and objectives, and will include an analysis of the resources needed to make these plans effective.

Final goals, objectives and solutions will be incorporated into district practices via changes to policies and procedures deemed necessary and appropriate to effect our desired outcomes. We expect this work to last through the summer, and anticipate providing the community with additional feedback into the next steps of our journey in the fall of 2021.

Thank you to all of the members of the CAC who have worked so diligently these past 5-6 months, and we are excited to re-engage with you and our community in the fall!