Sep 7, 2021

Transportation Staffing Shortage Update

Transportation Staffing Update image

The following message provides on update on transportation challenges the district is facing.

Due to not being able to train and test school bus drivers for more than one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, recruiting has not been possible. When recruiting could begin, there was uncertainty about when work would be available without interruption.

To date, Pickerington Schools has more routes than there are drivers. This requires routes to be combined every day in order to provide busing for everyone who is eligible and needs it. This brings with it many challenges and consequences. The building and transportation staff are working hard to mitigate as much of the disruption as they can, while knowing much of it is unavoidable.

Our PLSD parents have been very understanding as many of them are in the same situation in their personal workplace. Getting back to what could be considered normal is a process, of which we are just beginning. I want to thank our PLSD families, staff, and Petermann Bus staff for all you are doing to make the best of the situation we find ourselves in.

Greg Kelley
Pickerington Schools