Apr 15, 2021

Important Student Athlete Transportation Update

Athlete Transportation Update image

Dear PLSD parents of student athletes,

Now that we are fully into our spring sports schedules, we realize that on certain days we may have transportation issues for a variety of reasons. On those days we may ask for your help in transporting your child to their away activity. This is in an effort to avoid the possibility of canceling events. Other means of trying to resolve the transportation issues include asking our opponents to push back the starting time, switching sites, and shuttling athletes to the site of their competition — anything to avoid cancelling a contest.

Completion of the Travel Release Form (pdf) will be required for both the parent/guardian and the student-athlete on the days that you assist with transportation. This waiver will only be required for you to sign once for the remainder of the year. The waiver will be available on your respective schools’ athletic website. I can assure you we are doing everything we can to avoid cancelling events. We will explore all options to keep our students participating this spring.

I want to thank you for your support and helping us keep our students safe and participating this spring.


Mark Aprile
Director of Student Activities