Mar 24, 2021

Ask PLSD Videos Answer Your Questions

AskPLSD video series image

The district will be back on the ballot this May for a bond issue request. This is the same issue that was presented to voters in the fall. You can find detailed information about the issue by visiting our Bond Issue Info webpage.

For the past few weeks, we’ve also been sharing more videos in our “Ask PLSD” series. The most recent video answers the question, “If the May 4 bond issues passes, when might PLSD seek operating dollars?”


Other Ask PLSD videos released recently include:

What’s under construction at the McGill property?

If the bond issue passes on May 4, how long will the debt issuance last?

What do we get if the bond issue passes?

Do school districts get a windfall when property values increase?

Moving our P4P forward On May 4


A few other bond-related videos filmed last fall — which still contain relevant information — include:

$53 million in matching funds offered to PLSD

Why now for Pickerington Schools’ bond issue?

How financial policies helped PLSD during COVID-19 pandemic

PLSD bond refunding saves $17 million over 6 years


Questions may be submitted at any time by email to We look forward to engaging with you about how the bond will serve the future of our students and families!