Jan 7, 2020

2020 Budget Report and 2020 Summary Budget Report Available Now

2020 Budget Document Photo

Pickerington Schools is pleased to provide our community with its 2020 Budget Report and the 2020 Summary Budget Report. The district and its Board of Education annually engage with key stakeholders in planning for and aligning budgetary resources to district goals and initiatives.

As an integral part of the Plan for Progress (P4P), the district is committed to openly and transparently communicating its effective use of our resources in ways that support student learning and achievement. The reports have also been posted on the district’s Finances webpage.  You may also find out more about the P4P by visiting the district’s Plan for Progress webpage.

For additional questions about the reports, please contact the district Treasurer Ryan Jenkins by emailing him at ryan_jenkins@plsd.us, or at (614) 920-6111.