May 25, 2020

Senior Equipment Collection Day Info

Collection Day map image

Also for any student that is withdrawing from the district or sophomores that will be attending either of the career centers next year.

On Tuesday, May 26th from 8:00 – 3:00 PM at Diley Middle School, PLSD will be collecting all equipment from seniors. Equipment includes Chromebook, Chromebook power cord, PLSD hotspot, library books, textbooks, graphing calculator, band and orchestra instruments, and band/choir/orchestra uniforms. Also, the PLSD Treasurer’s Office will be available to pay any remaining fees. Then, if all of the equipment is returned and all fees have been paid, seniors will be awarded their diploma. Below are more of the specifics. 

Please use the following list to determine what you need to bring to the Collection Day.

  • PLSD Chromebook
  • Chromebook power cord (there are two parts)
  • PLSD Hotspots
  • PLSD Library Books
  • PLSD Textbooks
  • Any other equipment borrowed from the Media Center (i.e. Graphing Calculator)
  • Band Instrument
  • Band Uniform
  • Choir Uniform
  • Orchestra Instrument
  • Orchestra Uniform

The schedule for the day will be divided by last name:

    • PHSC, PHSN, PAS students with last names A – G at 8:00 – 9:30 AM
    • PHSC, PHSN, PAS students with last names H – M at 9:30 – 11:00 AM
    • PHSC, PHSN, PAS students with last names N – R at 12:00 – 1:30 PM
    • PHSC, PHSN, PAS students with last names S – Z at 1:30 – 3:00 PM
  • Note: students that are withdrawing in grades 5-11 can join in by last name time slot.

There is no makeup day, all seniors are required to return all equipment on Tuesday, May 26th. 

All students/families need to remain in their vehicles the entire time through the turn-in process.  We have created a flow of traffic with eight stations to properly and safely turn in all equipment. 


Chromebook Collection Inspections and Device Fines

All devices collected on May 26th will be inspected for damages and fines may be applied. The devices will not be inspected immediately upon collection so that we can reduce any potential exposure to bacteria and viruses. All devices are scheduled to be fully inspected and for fines to be applied by the end of June at the latest. 

Any fines applied after collections will need to be paid in full. Transcripts will be held until said fees are paid. Fines may range anywhere from $5 to $344. 

  • Non-return or destroyed Chromebooks will be $300 (+ the power adapter if applicable).
  • Power adapters for 2016 through 2018 models are $22 and $44 for the 2019 model.

If you have purchased the Technology Protection Plan and damages are found, those costs will be applied to any remaining coverage. If the coverage has been consumed any remaining fines will be applied directly to infinite campus. 

For those who opted out of the Protection Plan, fines will be applied directly to your infinite campus account. 

Collection Day will be held at Diley Middle School — 750 Preston Trail Dr, Pickerington, Ohio 43147

Please follow the directions and the map so that everyone stays safe and healthy. At various stations when you turn in equipment, you will receive colored tickets. If you have all four colored tickets, which means everything has been turned in, then you will receive your diploma at station #8. 

Station #1 — PLSD staff member will direct you to turn right into the bus parking lot.

Station #2

  • You will get a baggie with wipes, a pencil, a half turn-in sheet, and this direction sheet
  • Please take everything out of the bag.
  • Using both of the wipes, please wipe down your Chromebook (the outside cover, top and bottom, the screen and keyboard areas).
  • Please fill out the top portion of the half sheet.
  • Place the Chromebook in the plastic bag with the half sheet in the bag but on top of the Chromebook. Seal the bag.
  • Do not put your power cord in the bag. It will be turned in at Station #3.
  • Your Chromebook will be turned in at Station #4.

Station #3

  • Drop your power cord into the bin.
  • Collect your first colored ticket. 

Station #4

  • Place your Chromebook in the bag with the half sheet on the cart for the PLSD staff member.
  • Collect your second colored ticket.

Station #5

  • Turn in any media center materials — textbooks, library books, graphing calculators, hotspots.
  • Check with Mrs. George or Ms. Goins to make sure everything has been returned.
  • Collect your third colored ticket if everything is returned.

Station #6

  • Only if you are in the band, choir, or orchestra.
  • Turn in any instruments, equipment, or uniforms.
  • If you are not in the band, choir, or orchestra, you can just continue past this station.

Station #7

  • Pay any outstanding school fees.
  • Check with the PLSD Treasurer’s Office to determine if any fees remain.
  • Credit cards & cash will only be accepted. No checks.
  • Collect your fourth colored ticket if all fees have been paid.

Station #8 

  • Show your four different colored tickets to collect your PLSD diploma and graduation packet.


  • If you forgot any of these pieces of equipment, you will need to go through the entire route to return the missing equipment and get your diploma.
  • If you do not return all equipment and pay any outstanding fees, PLSD will be holding your diploma and transcript until all are completed.