Welcome to Lakeview Junior High School's Parent Teacher Organization!

If you have a student at Lakeview, you are officially a member of our PTO!

Our goals at Lakeview are to enhance the educational and social opportunities for our children and to encourage and support the staff.

Your support of our PTO is greatly appreciated!

Lakeview Parent-Teacher Organization

Contact Information

Currently our PTO is under construction.

Two of our Lakeview families that were very involved with Lakeview PTO are no longer able to do so, as their children now attend other schools. We appreciate them and thank them for their hard work, dedication, and wonderful panther spirit.

We have several working moms and families that step up every chance they get. We thank them and appreciate their continued support. Everyone’s hard work, dedication, and panther spirit has been noticed, so congratulations are in order for setting an excellent example and upholding our Lakeview Values.



PTO Offices include:

President: Wafa Hinnawi and Sherrie Merchant

Vice-President: Wafa Hinnawi

Treasurer: Wafa Hinnawi

Secretary and Staff Appreciation Coordinator: vacant

Interested in Making a Donation?

Most schools sell candles, wrapping paper, cookies, and other items. Instead of asking students to sell items this year, we are once again encouraging Lakeview families to make a tax-deductible donation to the school PTO. All of the money donated (100 percent as opposed to 45 percent with a traditional fundraiser) will stay at Lakeview to benefit all of the students and staff. The PTO funds many excellent programs and activities, such as Where Everybody Belongs (WEB); Students of the Month; PBIS Team Incentives; Staff Appreciation luncheons and other recognitions; Teen Nights; materials and technology upgrades for classroom use and much more. These activities could not be offered without your support.

Your help is greatly appreciated by the staff and students. There are three levels of support:

Bronze Level: $15.00 Donation

Silver Level: $30.00 Donation

Gold Level: $50.00 Donation

Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated! If this fundraiser is a success, the PTO will not do any additional fundraising for the 2018 / 2019 school year. However, if we do not reach our goal, as was the case last school year, we will have to do a fundraiser to continue to support the activities and events for our students.

We will be accepting donations throughout the year! Thanks for your support!

Please do not send cash to school.  Please make checks payable to: “Lakeview PTO”

Using this donation form (PDF) | donation form (RTF), donations can be sent or mailed to the school at 12445 Ault Rd., Pickerington, Ohio 43147. You may also link to our Facebook page: Lakeview Junior High PTO and donate through Pay-Pal Account.

We are a 501(3)c non-profit organization. Your cancelled check is your receipt for tax purposes.