LJHS Athletics

Meet the LJHS Athletic Department administrators and find links to valuable school sports information. Get involved and be a part of the LJHS team!

Molly Feesler: Athletic Administrator, PHSN & LJHS

Molly Feesler
Molly Feesler
Athletic Administrator

Jeff Good: Assistant Athletic Administrator, PHSN & LJHS

Jeff Good
Jeff Good
Assistant Athletic Administrator

Lakeview offers a variety of interscholastic sports programs throughout the school year.

Important Athletic Information

Find information and answers to frequently asked questions about athletics at Lakeview:

Read the Junior High Athletic Handbook PLSD Athletic Handbook 2017-2018

What are the meeting requirements for students who wish to participate in athletics?

  1. Students must attend an informational meeting once per school year with the Athletic Director.  These meetings are held seasonally and are announced through school-wide announcements.
  2. Students who are not able to attend the meeting should watch a video of the meeting with their coach prior to the start of any competitions with their sport.What are the meeting requirements for parents who have students who wish to participate in athletics?
    1. In addition to all forms (with the exception of the pre-participation physical exam) the parent meeting is also available to be viewed online at http://oh.8to18.com/LakeviewJH
    2. Each sport season, parents will be asked to attend a kick-off meeting with the coach from their sport. Information about the meeting’s time and place will come from the Head Coach.



Pay to Participate Fee Information

View the fee schedule for athletics and extracurricular activities.

PLSD Pay To Participate Fee Guidelines

PLSD Junior High Participation Fees 2018 – 2019:

Athletics $155.00

Clubs/Activities $0.00

You have three payment options available to you to pay your student’s fees:

  1. Go to the Infinite Campus website and pay online via credit card or e-check.
  2. Mail your payment to: Pickerington Local Schools, Treasurer’s Office, 90 N. East Street Pickerington, Ohio 43147. All checks or money orders should be made payable to “Pickerington Local Schools” or “PLSD” and reference your student’s name and student ID number. Cash payments cannot be accepted by mail.
  3. Pay in person at your student’s school building or at the Treasurer’s Office.  Any questions regarding your student’s fees, please contact their school building of attendance.  You can also reach the Treasurer’s Office at (614)-833-2112.
  4. Students may apply for a reduction of the participation fee through the District Office
    1. Available at http://www.pickerington.k12.oh.us/linksForms.aspx under “Athletic Forms”

Student-Athlete Important Dates 2018 – 2019

Fall Sports Fee Schedule:             First Payment – August 11th             Final Payment – September 15th

Winter Sports Fee Schedule:             First Payment – November 17th          Final Payment – January 12th 

Spring Sports Fee Schedule:             First Payment –March 16th           Final Payment – April 11th


Select Athletic Forms

What forms are necessary to participate in school-sponsored athletics at Lakeview? All forms necessary are to be filled out online at http://oh.8to18.com/LakeviewJH

Visit the Ohio High School Athletic Association website to download the Pre-participation Physical Evaluation form

Access athletics forms, including forms for drug testing, physicals, fee waivers, volunteering, and travel

Attention parents and students: Please do not send or bring your athlete’s physical to Lakeview. These forms must be turned directly into the coach and then the trainer at North keeps them.

Fall Sports

For complete Lakeview Panther Athletic Information go to Lakeview Jr. High Panthers

Boys’ & Girls’ Cross Country
Boys’  & Girls’ Golf
Football Cheerleading
Girls’ Tennis
Girls’ Volleyball

OHSAA Official Fall practice start dates:

July 30th: Football

August 1st: All Other Fall Sports

  • Fall Junior High School Coaches & Contact Information:                                                                  
  • Cheerleading                       Heather Tinsley                Heather_Tinsley@plsd.us 
  • Cross Country (Boys)          Dave Spring                       david_spring@plsd.us
  • Cross Country (Girls)           Lisa Newport                     ldnewport@yahoo.com
  • Football (Boys)                    Daniel Hillerich (8th)          daniel_hillerich2000@yahoo.com
  • Football (Boys)                    Michael Seibert (7th)          msiebert1988@gmail.com
  • Golf (Girls)                            Ned Basinger                     ned_basinger@plsd.us
  • Golf (Boys)                           Steve Streamer                  steve.streamer@hotmail.com
  • Tennis (Girls)                       Jason Moisey                      jsmoisey777@gmail.com
  • Volleyball (Girls)                  Anita Giardina (8th)            anita_giardina@plsd.us
  • Volleyball (Girls)                  Mary Rawlins (7th)              mary_rawlins@plsd.us
Winter Sports

For complete Lakeview Panther Athletic Information go to Lakeview Jr. High Panthers

Boys’ & Girls’ Basketball
Basketball Cheerleading
Boys’ Wrestling

OHSAA Official Winter Sport practice start dates:

October 26th Girls Basketball

October 26th Boys Basketball

November 9th Wrestling

Winter Junior High School Coaches & Contact Information:

Basketball (Boys) TBD

Basketball (Girls) TBD

Cheerleading          Heather Tinsley           Heather_Tinsley@plsd.us

Wrestling (Boys) TBD


Spring Sports

For complete Lakeview Panther Athletic Information go to Lakeview Jr. High Panthers


Boys’ & Girls’ Track

Boys’ Tennis


Boys’ & Girls’ LaCrosse

OHSAA Official Spring Sport practice start dates:

February 18th Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse

March 4th Track and Boys Tennis

Spring Junior High School Coaches & Contact Information:

Baseball (Boys)          TBD

Baseball (Boys)          Jay Bartos (8th)       jay_bartos@plsd.us

Lacrosse (Boys)          Kurt Restuccio   kurt_restuccio@plsd.us

Lacrosse (Girls)          Sydney VanHoose sydney_vanhoose@plsd.us

Softball (Girls)             Dave Eigel (8th)   deigel@sbcglobal.net

Softball (Girls)             Ron Robertson (7th)   tofatcat@aol.com

Tennis (Boys)              Jason Moisey   jsmoisey777@gmail.com

Track (Girls)                 TBD

Track (Boys)                 Dan Hillerich                 daniel_hillerich@plsd.us

Athletic Announcements

For more information on Lakeview Junior High Athletics visit the link below.

Lakeview Junior High Panther Athletics