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This one-stop shop for district employees include many of the basic forms and information employees need for payroll, insurance, collective bargaining agreements, salary schedules, human resources, worker's compensation, accident reporting, technology resources, and district branding.

Treasurer's Office, Payroll, Insurance

Payroll Information and Forms

Direct Deposit

Download a form to sign up or change direct deposit information.

Direct Deposit Authorization form (PDF)

Direct Deposit Authorization form (RTF)


Adding or Updating a 403(b) or 457 Annuity

The Salary Reduction Agreement is no longer used.

Please use this guide to work with PlanConnect to add or change a voluntary annuity.

Questions can be directed to Rick Knapp in the Treasurer’s Office.

Universal Notice of 403(b) Eligibility

Pickerington Schools Annual 403(b) Plan Eligibility Notice

Pickerington Schools offers our eligible employees the opportunity to save for retirement by participating in the Pickerington Local Schools 403(b) Plan (the “403(b) plan”). You can participate in this plan by making pre-tax contributions. You are eligible to participate in this plan, whether or not you are actively contributing to it.

Not yet contributing to the 403(b) plan?

To start your contributions to the 403(b) plan, complete and return a salary reduction agreement to Pickerington Schools Treasurer’s Office Payroll Department. The agreement shall remain in full force until amended or terminated by written notice from the employee to Pickerington Schools. Not more than one amendment may be made per calendar quarter, although the agreement may be terminated at any time. Please note that in addition to completing and returning a salary reduction agreement, you must also establish an account with the appropriate investment provider or providers that you have selected on the salary reduction agreement and you may also need to provide any additional information that may be required to enroll you in the 403(b) plan.

Already contributing the 403(b) plan? Great news! You have an opportunity to increase your contributions to the 403(b) Plan.

If you are already currently contributing to the 403(b) plan, you may be able to increase your pre-tax contributions. To change your contributions, complete and return a salary reduction agreement to the Pickerington Schools Treasurer’s Office Payroll Department. The agreement shall remain in full force until amended or terminated by written notice from the employee to Pickerington Schools. Not more than one amendment may be made per calendar quarter, although the agreement may be terminated at any time.

Of course, you can keep your contributions at their current level. In the alternative, if your current financial situation means that you need to lower your saving for retirement, you can change your contribution rate by completing and returning a salary reduction agreement as described above.

How much can I contribute?

In general, you may contribute up to eighteen thousand dollars in 2017. This amount may be adjusted annually. Also, if you are at least fifty years old and/or you have completed at least fifteen years of service, you may also be able to make additional catch-up contributions. Each catch-up has its own limits.

This notice is not intended as tax or legal advice. Neither your employer nor the investment providers offering retirement savings products under the plan can provide you with tax or legal advice. Employees are encouraged to contact their financial representative or tax professional with any questions.

This sample universal availability notice is provided as a service to ING’s 403(b) plan sponsors to assist you in meeting the requirement under the final 403(b) regulations of notifying your employees on an annual basis of their eligibility to participate in the plan.

List of Approved Deferred Compensation Vendors

457 Vendors

AXA Equitable Life Insurance (1-800-487-6669)


VOYA, Dale Van Valkenburg (614) 431-5052



Ohio Deferred Comp, Jason Brown (1-740-701-6994)



403b Vendors

Ameriprise (1-800-297-7378)


ASPire Financial Services (1-866-634-5873)


AXA Equitable Life Insurance (1-800-487-6669)


First Investors 403b (614-487-0182)


Great American Life Insurance (1-888-497-8556)


Horace Mann (614-863-5900)


VOYA Life Insurance & Annuity/Relia Star (1-800-262-3862/1-877-884-5050)


Lighthouse Agency (1-800-291-9450)


Lincoln Life & Annuity Company/Financial (1-800-893-7168)


MetLife (1-877-474-0019)


National Life Group, Life Insurance of the Southwest (1-800-732-8939)



Reserve Financial (1-800-521-3132)


Security Benefit (1-740-549-0804)


VALIC (1-800-448-2542)

Bargaining Agreements and Salary Schedules

Bargaining Agreements

Master agreements with the Pickerington Education Association

2018-21 master agreement (to come)

2015-18 master agreement

2013-15 master agreement

2011-13 master agreement

2008-10 master agreement


Master agreements with the Pickerington Support Staff Association

2017-20 master agreement

2015-17 master agreement

Substitute and Temporary Salary Schedules

The following are effective December 21, 2017.

Substitute pay schedule (non-certificated)

  • Duty Aide: $9.15
  • High School Student Workers (includes summer following high school graduation) (minimum wage): $8.30
  • College Student Workers (following freshman year) (minimum wage): $8.30
  • Ticket Taker: $8.30
  • Campus Security: $11.00
  • Office Assistant: $10.00
  • Food Service Worker: $10.00
  • Library Aide: $11.25
  • Secretary (includes District Office): $13.05
  • Paraprofessional: $12.30
  • Health Care Assistant: $12.30
  • Custodian or Maintenance Worker or Food Service Delivery Driver: $12.15
  • Stage Manager: $15.75

Substitute pay schedule (certificated)

Administrator (certified)

  • District Office: $400.00
  • Principal: $350.00
  • Assistant Principal: $250.00


  • Home Instruction or Extended School Year (approved 08/14/06): $25.00 / hour
  • Substitute Teacher: $105/day 0-20 days and $115/day 21+ days
  • Retired Substitute Teacher/ Substitute in a High-Needs Area: $115/day 0-20 days and $125/day 21+ days
  • Part-Time PLSD Teacher Substitute: $125/day

Health and Dental Insurance

Enrolling in Pickerington Schools Insurance

To apply for or cancel coverage with Anthem and Delta Dental, please visit the American Fidelity website.

For help logging in to American Fidelity Enrollment, download these instructions (PDF) | instructions (RTF).

To access a step-by-step guide to the online enrollment process, download this guide (PDF) | guide (RTF).

Affordable Care Act Info and Forms

Video explaining the Affordable Care Act and your 1095-C form

The Affordable Care Act requires every American to have health insurance—and just like you need paperwork to prove you have auto insurance, you now need to prove you have health insurance. Your 1095-C Form is your proof of insurance.

Similar to your W-2 Form, which gives the IRS details about how you were paid, the 1095-C Form is a way to give the IRS information about your health insurance and help the agency verify that your coverage meets the requirements under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Simply, it’s a way for you to show the government that you’ve met your obligation under ACA to have health insurance. Without the 1095-C Form and the information contained in it, you may not be able to fully file your yearly income taxes and may be subject to a fine by the IRS (2% of your yearly household income or $325 per person for the year, whichever is higher).

You’ll use the information on the 1095-C Form to certify on your 1040 tax form that you have health insurance.

What you need to do

When you get it—keep it. Easy as that! You’ll use the form to complete your tax return and verify your coverage to the IRS.

Second, verify that personal information, company information, and family members’ information are all correct.

If you see errors on your form, contact Rick Knapp in payroll.

More information

Download this 1095-C Guide for additional information.

Human Resources

Accidents and Exposure Incidents

Options for Medical Care after Employee Accident/Exposure

When obtaining medical care, the employee must tell the physician it is a work-related injury.

First visit

The first visit to any medical provider, whether an emergency or non-emergency, is covered for a work-related injury considered compensable by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

All other visits

After the first visit, if an employee obtains medical care for a work-related injury from a medical provider other than those noted below, workers’ compensation insurance may not cover the costs and the employee may have to pay for the services.

  1. Emergency room
  2. Urgent care facility
  3. BWC certified physician

To get the name of a BWC Certified Physician, call 1.800.OHIOBWC on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. or visit the Bureau of Workers Compensation website provider lookup. If you are unsure who is a BWC certified physician, it is recommended you go to an emergency room or urgent care facility.

If your claim is denied by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, you have the right to appeal within 14 days of the claim denial date. You will be notified by the BWC with instructions on how to proceed.

Employee Accident and Exposure Reporting Procedures

The following procedures are applicable to all accidents, injuries and blood exposure incidents. Adherence to these instructions will facilitate your care and return to work. If you have any questions, call the payroll coordinator at 614.834.2148. All records are held confidential with the payroll coordinator.

Step 1

Your health is the first priority! Don’t hesitate to seek professional care for a medical emergency.

A medical emergency is defined as: a) medical services required for the immediate diagnosis or treatment of a medical condition that if not immediately diagnosed or treated could lead to a serious physical or mental disability or death, or b) medical services that are immediately necessary to alleviate severe pain.

Step 2

Immediately submit an Employee Accident/Exposure Incident Report. Click here to submit an accident report online.

On that site, click on “Report an Employee Accident,” then click on “Submit Accident Report.” If you do not have a username or password, leave it blank and proceed in completing the report. Enter all information requested and follow the steps to submit your report.

Based on the information submitted, Public School Works may require the employee to take additional safety classes. An automatic email notification from personnel will be sent by the system if applicable. Please complete the necessary training and submit the completed paperwork to the payroll coordinator located at District Office.

For assistance, contact your immediate supervisor or the school nurse. For further assistance, call the Payroll Coordinator at 614.834.2148. The Employee Accident/Exposure Incident Report should be completed by the injured/affected employee; however, if necessary, another employee can complete the report with the assistance of the affected employee.

Additional Requirements for Blood Exposures

If you are exposed to another person’s body fluids, the following documents must be given to the medical provider. Items 1 and 2 are available to the employee from the district website. Item 3 is available to the employee after submitting an online Employee Accident/Exposure Incident Report. Items 4 and 5 are provided by others.

  1. A copy of the district Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan.
  2. A copy of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens regulations (29 CFR 1910.1030).
  3. A copy of the completed Employee Accident/Exposure Report.
  4. Results of the source individual’s blood testing (if available).
  5. All medical records applicable to treatment of the employee, including vaccination status.

For additional information regarding the procedures associated with an exposure to the body fluids of another person, the employee should read the district Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan available on the district website.


The following resources are designed to help employees with their technology issues.

Technology Assistance

Having a technology problem? Please check our frequently asked questions page to see if you can help yourself.  If you’re not seeing what you’re looking for, please submit a ticket to our Help Desk and we will assist you promptly.

Public Relations and Communications

The following resources are designed to help employees with public relations and communication, including branding, logos, and the website.

Logos and Branding Guidelines

Logo Use

logo art

Using our logo: Please note that copies of the district logos are available from the Public Relations Department in a variety of formats (jpg, eps, etc.) Please contact Public Relations Director David Ball for these files.

School logos: Please note that copies of school logos are available from the Public Relations Department in a variety of formats (jpg, eps, etc.) Please contact Public Relations Director David Ball for these files.

Let our logo “breath” with clear space

Inappropriate use of the logo


Yes, there is an “official” Pickerington purple!

When using the Pantone Matching System colors, our purple is PMS 268 (for digital printing) or Pantone Violet C (for traditional printing.)

Pickerington “black” is PMS Black C.

Pickerington “gray” is typically a 40% screen of PMS Black C. However, PMS Cool Gray 6 may also be used.

Confusing? Please contact the Public Relations Department for assistance!


Art Elements: The Forward Slash


Forward slash: The district’s “forward slash” is an official art element with very specific use requirements. It is not the same as the “forward slash” on your keyboard! Copies of the forward slash are available from the Public Relations Department in a variety of formats (jpg, eps, etc.) Please contact Public Relations Director David Ball for these files.

Submitting Stories and Photos to Public Relations

Have a Great Story or Photo Idea?

Have a great idea about something happening in our schools that you think would make a great addition to our website or social media feeds? Or perhaps you have some pictures taken at a recent school event that you think the district should share on social media?

The best way to submit your ideas to the district is through this convenient form, but you can also email us with your photos and story ideas, or connect with us on Twitter with @PLSD and on Facebook.

District Strategic Plan

The Pickerington Schools strategic plan includes our vision, mission and core values, as well as five key goals: Student experience, Fiscal and Resource Management, Operations, Stakeholder Satisfaction, and Diversity.

District Strategic Plan Documents


We aspire to be the school district of choice, improving our community and society by opening doors and providing opportunities for every child, every day.


Our mission is to provide an engaging, innovative and holistic experience that empowers all students to become responsible, productive citizens.

Our Values

Student focused

Students are our priority. The development of engaged, active learners and involved, responsible citizens is the primary deciding factor in every aspect of our daily actions and future planning.


Our staff, parents and community work in partnership to ensure Pickerington Schools provide a world-class educational experience and safe environment tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of every child.


We strive to be a leader in public education, a district others aspire to become. We value, support and respect creative approaches to education and innovative solutions to challenges. We expect our staff to take the initiative to remain current on best practices while building on a foundation of research and data.


We cultivate an environment where work and learning are infused with passion and commitment. We recruit, develop and retain highly qualified employees who consistently exhibit a positive example, exemplary attitude, genuine caring and great enthusiasm.

Fiscally responsible

We exhibit financial responsibility by ensuring district resources are aligned with our goals and objectives.

Embracing diversity

We acknowledge and celebrate diversity and affirm the importance of our common humanity. We embrace varying perspectives, cultures and experiences as a doorway to educating children about their roles in our communities and global society.

Goal 1: Student Experience

Pickerington Schools relentlessly pursue academic excellence through a well-rounded, personalized and relevant student experience.

Goal 2: Fiscal / Resource Management

Pickerington Schools will operate in a highly effective, efficient and transparent manner.

Goal 3: Operations

Pickerington Schools will provide a safe, nurturing and inviting environment that inspires teaching, promotes learning and sparks creativity.

Goal 4: Stakeholder Satisfaction

Pickerington Schools uphold our stakeholders’ trust, confidence and pride through open communication and opportunities for engagement.

Goal 5: Diversity

Pickerington Schools will create a school district that promotes an equitable and safe learning environment for students and staff of all cultural backgrounds.