Nov 7, 2017

Holiday Assistance 2017

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Dear Families:

The holidays are quickly approaching along with all the wonderful memories made during this special time of the year. The holidays are an enjoyable time with family and friends, however, that does not mean that they are not stressful! I realize some families may need some extra assistance providing a more memorable holiday for their children. Pickerington Schools are teaming up, once again, with the Violet Township Fire Department to help provide some holiday assistance for families in need during this holiday season.

For those out and about during the holiday season, you may see big red boxes throughout the community and in the schools. If you would like to donate a new toy/gift for the holiday season it can be placed in the big red boxes. If you would prefer to donate in other ways, please let me know.

If you would like a request form for holiday assistance this year, please contact me at marieca_mattox or (614) 833-6385. The request form will then be provided to you, only one per household please (multiple requests can be made on one form). This form is handled in a confidential manner; however, the information will be shared with local agencies. More details will be shared with those families requesting holiday assistance. The forms must be turned into a Pickerington school counselor by NOVEMBER 20th, 2017.

Best Wishes,

Marieca Mattox

School Counselor

Heritage Elementary School – PLSD

Phone: (614) 833-6385