Military Families of Heritage

This page is designed to connect Heritage's military families in the hopes of becoming a Purple Star School.

Connecting Veterans

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Letter to Military Families

Dear Military Families of Heritage,

We are in the beginning stages of collecting information that will be used to connect our military families with one another. The goal of this is to provide information and connections in our small but robust Heritage community. In the future it is my hope that we will earn recognition as a Purple Star school, as awarded by the Ohio Department of Education. That is a goal, but not the overall purpose of our effort. Together with Daniel Lutz we are hoping to connect our military families.

Goals for “Heritage Military Families” are:

1) Connect Heritage Elementary Military Veterans and their families with one another;

2) Provide an avenue to share military specific information including available resources;

3) And finally, support military families.

By completing the Google survey above, Veterans will be able to provide some basic information about themselves. Once we gather this information we will be able to develop a list of military families at Heritage. Thank you all for serving our great country and hopefully we will be able to connect our military families.

Chad Rice, Principal


Daniel Lutz, Ohio Air National Guard