Welcome to the Media Center

Our mission is to provide a diverse collection of resources and instruction in their use that fulfill the intellectual needs of our learning community. We serve as an intellectual center in a comfortable environment with a caring atmosphere where all are welcome!
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Gale Digital Library

Our newest digital resource for students and staff is the Gale Digital Library.  This digital library will give students and staff 24/7 access to top quality resources including National Geographic Kids, Kids Infobits, and 100s of ebooks at the elementary and middle school levels.  At the secondary level, the digital library includes top-notch research material covering science and social studies, with the addition of 100s of ebooks.  With the addition of this digital library the walls of our schools can be extended as these materials are available to students 24/7 from school, home, in the car, or at the park.

Access the Pickerington Schools’ Gale Digital Library