Clubs and Other Activities

Check out some of the great activities for students at Harmon Middle School!

What's Available at Harmon

Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education program is a resident program that helps students appreciate their environment in ways not attainable in the traditional classroom setting.  This program is for 6th graders only  and is usually a 3 day, 2 night stay with bus transportation to and from the camp. Dates, location and costs will be shared with parents for the 2017-2018 school year during the Meet the Teacher night at Harmon in August of 2017.


The Renaissance Program

The Renaissance Program follows the Jostens model, encourages student ownership and follows the premise that when students and staff feel safe and appreciated, we achieve true success. Harmon’s Renaissance program takes young leaders and empowers them to improve their school community by getting involved.

Engineering for Kids

Engineering For Kids offers the best in modern STEM education, teaching children real-world collaborative practices like team-building and group participation. Rooted in the Engineering Design process, our programs provide students the steps to success.

This year: Electrical Engineering: Electrified, Software Engineering – Scratch Video Sensing

The Running Club

Founded by PTO with the help of Mr. VanKannel, Harmon’s Running Club promotes exercise, healthy lifestyles and togetherness. The Running Club welcomes ALL Harmon students and staff.

“Get up, get out, and get moving!”

10Men Leadership Program

“Working together to be respectful, to be responsible, and to be a man, EVERY DAY!”