Educational Options

Early Graduation

A student may graduate at the end of six or seven semesters provided he/she meets the standard graduation requirements of the State of Ohio and Pickerington Local School District. The student and parent must present a formal written request to his/her school counselor who in turn presents it to the principal for his approval.

If the principal approves the request, the written request is then forwarded to the Board of Education for final approval. If the student has not met graduation requirements for early graduation by the requested date, they will be required to return as a full-time student.  Early graduation permission must be secured following Board Policy.

Credit Flexibility

Credit flexibility applies to any coursework, assessment or performance completed outside of traditional high school course offerings. If a student is using credit flexibility to receive transcripted credit, he/she must receive approval from the Credit Flexibility Committee prior to starting any credit flex experience.

Credit awarded through this process will be posted on the student’s transcript and count toward a student’s grade point average, class rank, and as graduation credit in required subject areas or as an elective.

Students may demonstrate proficiency through the test-out process or they may propose an educational option that demonstrates course proficiency.


  • Student obtains credit flexibility information/application from school counselor or online.
  • Student discusses credit flex proposal with school counselor.
  • Student and parent develop credit flexibility plan, complete application and submit to school counselor by deadline.
  • Counselor ensures application is complete prior to submitting to principal.
  • Principal convenes credit flexibility committee.
  • Within 30 days, the committee reviews application, and the principal communicates the decision to the student and parent in writing.
  • If revisions are required, the request returns to the committee.
  • If denied, the student may appeal to the district superintendent.
  • If revisions are approved, the student implements the credit flexibility plan. Then, one of the two following processes occur:

For course proficiency/test out:

  • School counselor collects test fee (if applicable), orders test materials and schedules the exam.  Counselor arranges test proctor and grades test or returns completed test to ACT or College Board.
  • Registrar records grade on transcript and counselor communicates status to student and principal.
  • School log is updated.

For educational options:

  • Student proceeds with plan.
  • Student completes plan and confirms with teacher of record.
  • Teacher fills out grade report and submits to registrar.
  • Registrar records grade on transcript and counselor communicates status to student and principal.
  • School log is updated.
Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical School

Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical School District programs are open to all eleventh and twelfth grade students within our district who demonstrate the ability and interest to attend.  Students remain enrolled in and still graduate from this school and are encouraged to continue participation in our high school extracurricular activities.

With programs on two campuses and five satellite locations, Eastland-Fairfield is closer than you think. Satellite programs are offered at Gahanna, Groveport Madison, New Albany, Pickerington North, and Reynoldsburg High Schools.


Summer Courses

Summer school for high school students (aside from summer physical education)is available to offer credit recovery and AIR remediation to students using established criteria.

This process will be by referral only. If your student is not referred for the summer program, you can ask your counselor for other programs if there is still a need for grade replacement, new credit, or credit recovery that we cannot serve in our summer program.

Physical Education Waiver

All students who during high school have participated in interscholastic athletics (recognized by the OHSAA), marching band, or cheerleading for at least two full seasons, may waive the required 2 semesters of physical education for graduation. No actual credit is attached for interscholastic athletics and cheerleading. Students still must complete 20 credits to graduate.

A student shall be able to participate in this program provided he or she brings evidence of participation signed by either the athletic or band director and the school principal/designee documenting participation in one or two full seasons of an interscholastic athletic team, marching band, or cheerleading.

Interscholastic athletics shall comprise any sport that has the approval and is sanctioned by the Board and the Ohio High School Athletic Association. Any Pickerington Schools student wishing to use this waiver should submit the PE Waiver Form with course registration.  Forms are available in the school counseling office.

Completion of a season will mean that a student has participated in the entire length of a season. A partial participation shall be considered as not completing the season. Any student who is injured during said season and is unable to participate in at least 50% of the season shall be considered as not completing the season.

If a student is removed, quits or becomes academically ineligible during the season, said student shall forfeit the option of using that activity as partial fulfillment of the Replacement of Physical Education Policy. Any student who fails to meet the 2-season requirement shall be required to complete the one-half credit of Physical Education before graduating.