Pickerington Alternative School Student Handbook and Code of Conduct


    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Pickerington Alternative School (PAS) is to provide its students a customized and  personalized educational experience leading to high school graduation and meaningful post-high school  employment, or successful transition to post-high school education. This school will provide educational  opportunities for learners in the areas of academic development, civic leadership, and a lifetime of  creative work. This mission will be accomplished by (1) developing partnerships between PAS and area  businesses, contractors, government agencies, cultural and civic organizations, and local post-secondary  institutions; and (2) by engaging students in a curriculum that is specifically designed for students 16-21,  at risk of not completing high school, and (3) by using resources available within the economic corridors  of the Pickerington/Reynoldsburg/Columbus communities, and (4) by having each student complete an  Individual Career and Graduation Plan. 


    The alternative high school seeks to provide an academic environment that focuses on the individual  strengths and interests of each high school student. PAS will personalize and customize the needs of each  individual student to help them graduate and achieve their future goals. 

    Type of School

    PAS is designed primarily as a dropout prevention/credit recovery high school, while also meeting the individual needs of a diverse population. The school will provide for its students, grades 9-12, a meaningful teaching and learning opportunity that focuses on helping each student attain high school graduation requirements and/or college and career readiness.


    Parents and guardians, thank you for reviewing the Pickerington Alternative School Student Handbook and Code of Conduct with your child. We look forward to partnering with you to provide the best possible educational experience for your child. Using and understanding this handbook will help ensure everyone in our schools has a safe, productive and fulfilling school year. Parents must confirm that they have reviewed the handbooks when filling out back-to-school forms. Students in grades 5-12 sign a similar acknowledgment once school starts. 

  • Location

  • Office Hours

  • Notice

  • Student Rules of Conduct First Warning

  • Availability of the Student Code of Conduct

  • Availability of Board of Education Policices

Student Handbook

  • Academic Integrity

  • Academic Reports

  • Acceptable Use Policy

  • Accident Protection Policy

  • Activities

Bus Transportation

  • Student Conduct on Buses

    Publicly funded transportation is a service provided under the direction of the Pickerington Board of Education, which should be regarded as a privilege by students. It is expected that those who ride the school buses will conduct themselves as compliant passengers at all times. All students who ride a school bus are subject to these regulations while riding to and from school or on special trips.

  • School Bus Regulations

Attendance Policy

  • We believe that regular, punctual attendance to school is essential if our students are to receive maximum benefit from the educational program we offer.  Success in school is directly related to attendance habits, and developing a regular pattern of good attendance is crucial for future success.

    Our Board of Education policies on student attendance and absences from school follow all statutes and regulations of both the Ohio Administrative Code and the federal Missing Child Act.  Together, our local policy and these pieces of legislation outline each aspect of your child’s attendance to school.

    First and foremost, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure their children have regular school attendance.  Additionally, in the event a student is absent from school for any reason, it is the responsibility to notify the school. The specific policies related to our elementary and middle school attendance program are described below. Questions should be addressed to your school’s office.

    Please refer to policy 5200 on attendance for information on habitual absences, tardies, preplanned absences, and procedures for addressing truancy.

  • Absences

  • Early Dismissal

  • Vacations

Student Code of Conduct Grades 7-12

  • Introduction

  • Disciplinary Action

  • Infractions

    Note: This is a representative listing of rules and violations.  It is not a complete listing of all acts of misbehavior that may require disciplinary action.  The Pickerington Schools administration reserves the right to take disciplinary action as the situation warrants.



  • 1. Committing a Felonious Act or Other Violation of Law

  • 2. Alcohol and Drugs (BP 5530 and 5530 AG)

  • 3. Counterfeit Substances

  • 4. Possession or Use of Weapons or Dangerous Instruments

  • 5. Inducing Panic (ORC 2917.31)

  • 6. False Alarms and Reports

  • 7. Damage to School Property

  • 8. Extortion