Gregory DeVoe

Hi! My name is Greg DeVoe. I am a 7th Grade Social Studies teacher at Lakeview Junior High School in the Pickerington Local School District in Pickerington, Ohio. I began teaching at Hilltonia Middle School in Columbus Ohio. I moved to Pickerington Elementary in 2002. After 4 years I moved back to teaching Junior High School and came to Lakeview. I taught science for 2 years then began teaching World History. I have been teaching 7th Grade World History since then. History is my passion and I hope to instill that same love and appreciation for History in all of my students! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with and teach young people, especially 7th graders....the best of our school years!


1988 Graduate of Pickerington High School
1993 BA in History from The Ohio State University
1998 Master's of Education from The Ohio State University