Ginger Wahjudi

Hello Parents/Guardians/Students,

Welcome to the best year of your life, JUNIOR HIGH!!! I am on the 8th grade team, TEAM INFINITY, consisting of Mr. Droesch(English), Mrs. Bishop (Social Studies), Mrs. Brickman (Math), and Mrs. Good (Science). I will be involved in all classes this year on the team and providing tutoring services.

Let's have an OUTSTANDING year!


* Graduated from Kent State University in 2000 with my undergraduate degree in Education

* Graduated from Muskingum University in 2005 with my Masters of Education

* Worked as an Intervention Specialist for River View Local Schools for 3 years in grades 3-6

* Started at Lakeview Junior High in 2003. I have taught resource room Language Arts, Math, and tutoring

* I have taught Inclusion Science, Social Studies and Math

Additional Information

I am married and have a teenage son. We have 2 pet skunks, Winston and Harper! We recently added a puppy to the mix, a Aussiedoodle named Harlow.