Cheryl Knox

2019-2020 will be my 15th year at Ridgeview and I am excited about working and learning with all of your children. Their imagination and enthusiasm are constant inspirations to me. I have worked in Pickerington Schools for the last 24 years at every grade level. Junior high is my favorite age learner so I am very happy to be working at Ridgeview.


I earned my Bachelors of Art Education and my Masters of Art Education from the Ohio State University. I am a student at heart so I am always taking new courses to challenge myself and put myself in the role as learner.

Additional Information

I am married and have three children, who all graduated from Pickerington Schools. I am an artist, animal lover, nature lover, teacher, student, and avid recycler. I am always searching for ways to assist my students in becoming responsible, caring, self-reliant individuals by developing art challenges that provide connections between disciplines, community and life.