Abbigail Mansfield

I am a Gifted Intervention Specialist and am beginning the new 2020-2021 school year teaching 4th grade MathPlus and Science on Gateway at Tollgate Middle School. This will be my fourteenth year teaching as a gifted intervention specialist, and my seventh year at Pickerington. I started my teaching career in Reynoldsburg as a student teacher in 4th grade. I have taught mathematics in 4th grade, in 5th and 6th grades on a gifted team, and also 7th and 8th grade math on a gifted team teaching Algebra 1 and Geometry. My experience has allowed me to see the progression of math concepts from elementary school to high school. This enables me to help students build the foundation for future mathematics and learning, while also enriching and accelerating the curriculum.


I received my undergraduate degree from Capital University in Criminology and Psychology in 2003. I then got my Master’s degree plus licensure from Ohio University in middle childhood education (grades 4-9) with a specialization in mathematics and social studies. After completing my master's program in 2007, I also earned my reading endorsement, gifted licensure, and high school math licensure.